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jlmilnerJodi L. Milner is a full-time mom by day and a fantasy writer by naptime, she hates writing bios and wishes that someone would do it for her. Until then, she is cringing at the blatant use of forced third person and will go hunt down some chocolate chips the second this bio is done. She is an author at Xchyler Publishing.

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Vice President

image-1-colorNicole White never planned on being a writer, though she’d always been an avid reader. She and her family have been able to call Germany, the American southwest, east coast, mid-west, Pacific Northwest and, most recently, Utah, home. With each new home, each new local, Nicole collected experiences, and images, and stories. When her first child was four, they started on the great adventure of home schooling, an endeavor that continued for twenty-two years. Eventually, as the children grew, her hour by hour involvement with their education became less, and she found space in her head to ask “what if”. After one of these “what if” sessions she dreamed up Stars Bright, a fresh and flirty romance with light environmental themes. Stars Bright received an honorable mention in the 2016 Marilyn Brown Novel Award and will be published by Trifecta Books spring 2017.


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