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jlmilnerJodi L. Milner is a full-time mom by day and a fantasy writer by naptime, she hates writing bios and wishes that someone would do it for her. Until then, she is cringing at the blatant use of forced third person and will go hunt down some chocolate chips the second this bio is done. She is an author at Xchyler Publishing.

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momprofilepicBarbara Wilson is first and foremost a caregiver. Since a near-death car accident in 1991, which put her husband in a coma for three months, Barbara’s had a desire to share their story. She’s wants to encourage others who are battling traumatic brain injury and epilepsy while expressing her profound gratitude for the gift of life—even with limited abilities. She hasn’t completed her book yet, but has a website for Uniting Caregivers of all kinds. Her aspirations to be published are regulated by working full-time as an account manager, raising two kids, maintaining a house, yard and van, while learning the art of writing.

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Jennifer Gamboa

Newsletter Editor

Susan Knight has been writing for over 50 years, beginning at an early age with short stories, song lyrics, poetry, and prose.

A former newspaper journalist for over 15 years, she has had more than 1,500 articles published. She earned a Pennsylvania Keystone Award for Feature Story Writing, and learned the editing trade in the newspaper venue.

The inaugural president of the ANWA (American Night Writers Association) Salt Lake County Chapter, she is the current newsletter editor of the Oquirrh Writers Chapter of the League of Utah Writers.

Knight is a former editor for Gospel Ideals, a subsidiary of, and is a sought-after judge for writing, first chapter, and poetry contests.

A Pennsylvania transplant to Utah in 2010, she considers Utah to be a writer’s Mecca. It is here that Knight has honed her writing and editing skills by attending workshops, conferences, critique groups, and chapter meetings.

She also gives seminars and workshops on “Writing Your Life Story,” and has spoken at civic and church groups, historical societies, retirement homes, and libraries on that subject.

A performer at heart, Knight appeared on many stages, has sung in bands, trios, duos, and solo, had the lead in an opera, as well as danced at festivals on the east coast, including Lincoln Center Outdoors in NYC.

An award-winning, certified artist, she taught art for her local Community Ed for 25 years.

Knight is the mother of four adult children, two men and two women who married two superb men, all her pride and joy. She also dotes on her phantom toy poodle, Tobey, who reminds her to get up from the computer now and then.


Membership Chair

Doree Anderson



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